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What is Milastic?

Milastic is an inexpressible deep emotion of joy. It is experienced at the peak of total involvement. Philosophers and spiritual thinkers often relate Milastic to a highly content life than a simple emotion. Achieving this state, and maintaining it is the first step towards perpetual happiness.
When people feel ‘milastic’, they fall short of words to define their exact experience..

Our motto at Milastic Education is to bring this experience in the domain of Learning & Development.

Why Milastic?

  • ROI assured Trainings
  • Experiential Learning Methodology
  • Folk Art Based Trainings
  • Simple & Specific Solutions
  • Need and Process Based Training Design
  • Corporate Kirtan (Innovative Training Methodology)
  • Art based Trainings (Theatre / Dance / Music / Painting)
  • Professionally Qualified Trainers

About Milastic

At Milastic; we work with a zealous vision of building harmonious, proactive, and value driven minds. We have been conducting quality and result driven trainings for our clients from corporate and educational setups since 2012.
We work with a team of highly qualified professional experts. Our team has an industrial experience of 21+ years considering an average. We have worked with globally reputed companies, government agencies, MSMEs and Startups who are now our regulars.
Our associations represent the following industries:
  • Automobiles
  • Manufacturing & Engineering
  • Infrastructure and Construction
  • Academic, NGOs & Social Organisation
  • Start-Ups
  • IT, ITES and Telecommunication
  • Banking, Insurance & NBFCs
  • Pharma & Healthcare
  • Oil & Gas
  • Agro Based Companies

Words focus on information whereas experience builds confidence. Let’s work together.

Our Trainings

We offer a wide range of training & development solutions to corporate and educational setups. We tailor make the training design and delivery considering the dynamics of the target audience. Our professional trainers blend these trainings with a mix of advanced result driven management theories, experiential methodologies and creative games & activities. Our trainings are broadly categorised under the following categories.

Efficiency Trainings

We offer result oriented training solutions to corporates. Our offerings are broadly categorised in A, B, C and D categories.
A represents Attitude, B represents Behaviour, C represents Communication and D represents Development.


Positive Attitude
Proactive Attitude
Confidence Building
Employee Motivation


Behavioural Skills
Presentation Skills
Anger & Conflicts
Stress & WLB


Soft Skills
Verbal and Nonverbal
E-Mails and Reporting
English Language


Team Building
Interpersonal Relations
Managerial Communication

Technical Trainings

For Manufacturing companies, we offer technical trainings on Safety and Accident Prevention, Quality Trainings: Kaizen, Poka Yoke, 5S, TPM, ISO, Six Sigma; Disaster Management and Crisis Management.

We conduct trainings that cater specific technical requirements for the IT and ITES setups. Considering the needs, we also cater technical trainings for Banking, NBFCs and Service organisations.

Tailor Made Trainings

We tailor make trainings that address specific challenges of our clients. Customised trainings assure better results as compared to pre designed training solutions. We tailor make the training flow, content and context after our need analysis discussions and research. It’s process involves detailed discussions with the clients and relevant leaders in order to understand their systems, processes and diagnose the actual problems and their solutions.

Outbound Trainings

Outbound Trainings are based on experiential learning methodology. It includes activities where participants are made to go through predesigned challenges and obstacles. They have to work cohesively in order to complete the activities or games. Every outbound activity has a professionally structured approach that extrapolates specific learnings. These learnings connect back to the real life challenges in work environments.

Employee Engagement

Employees can give their best each day, committed to the organisation’s goals and values only if they are sufficiently motivated to contribute to organisational success. We support in building integrity between employer-employee relationships through our Employee Engagement Offerings.

Corporate Kirtan

What is Kirtan?

Kirtan is a traditional folk art form of India that has evolved for over thousands of years. The Kirtankar (performer) identifies the challenges of the audience, and addresses them through a carefully designed enriching and entertaining art form. It includes stories, music, dance, interactive activities, and entertainment. Kirtan is completely based on Spiritual References.

Corporate Kirtan

Corporate Kirtan is an innovative training methodology that addresses corporate challenges through this traditional art form. The topics for Corporate Kirtan are defined after the training need analysis. Currently, Corporate Kirtan modules have been designed and delivered on Leadership Skills, Team Management, Proactive Work Culture, Career Development, Personality Development & Communication Skills. We also address specific challenges such as mid life crisis, stress management and work life balance through this creative art form. This is an intellectual property of Mr. Pushkar Aurangabadkar.

 About Kirtankar Pushkar Aurangabadkar

Corporate Kirtankar Pushkar Aurangabadkar is an Entrepreneur, Author, Faculty, Trainer, Mentor & Artist. He has authored 11 books on management & entrepreneurship that are published for studies across 3 Universities in India. He is associated as a Corporate Trainer with globally reputed MNCs, government agencies, educational institutions, MSMEs and start-ups. He is the Founder Director of Milastic Education Pvt Ltd. He has innovated an insightful training methodology named “Corporate Kirtan”, and conducts it across educational and corporate platforms.

Contact Us

Milastic Education Private Limited

Corporate Office:
1323, Shivajinagar, Near Unicon Apple Showroom,
JM Road, Pune: 411005

Registered Office:
A4/4 Saritanagari 1, Ganeshmala,
Sinhagad Road, Pune: 411030

Phone: +91-99755-88025 / +91-967333-7903

Email: info@milastic.com


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