People in corporate structures constantly study opportunities that can make their domains more productive. Yet, many of them forget to consider the “One more Thing” that matters the most in Business.

We will be exploring it through this article.

Okay.. Let’s start our exploration with a game..! What do you think contributes ‘the most’ in Business Success?

Select your preference.

  • Product Line
  • Product Design
  • Quality
  • Production Process
  • Logstics & Transporters
  • Vendors & Employees
  • Finance & Capital
  • Marketing & Branding
  • Customers & Consumers
  • Business Owners & Management

Ideally, most important element for Success will keep on changing with the underlying Business Dynamics. Yet there is a “Single” element that keeps its equal importance across all the Industries, Companies and Domains. Irrespective of the underlying dynamics.

Many of us might think that “Business Owners & Management” is the answer to this question. Somehow, this answer is wrong.

Let’s explore the real answer to this question through an interesting ’Next Level’ of our game.

There is a single ‘Word’ that answers all the questions asked ahead. Try to find that word.

  • Who creates our Product Line? Who designs our Products?
  • Who runs the Production Process? Who maintains their Quality?
  • Who does the Logistics? Who are the Transporters?
  • Who are our Vendors? Who are our Employees?
  • Who handles Finance and who gives Capital for the Business?
  • Who does the Marketing and Branding?
  • Who are our Customers and Consumers?
  • Who are the Business Owners?

Hint: The First Word of this Article is the answer to all the Questions asked above.

‘People’ create and design our Product Lines. ‘People’ run the Production Processes and maintain the Quality of our Products. It is ‘People’ who take care of the Logistics and Transportation. Vendors are ‘People’. Employees are ‘People’. Customers are ‘People’ and Consumers are ‘People’. It is ‘People’ who do the Marketing & Branding to attract ‘People’ to the Business. ‘People’ offer and handle the Finance in the Business.

More surprisingly, Owners are also ‘People’..!

So essentially, a business is a unit that is run for the People and by the People. So the most essential element for Business Success is ‘People’ themselves. However, there are many challenges in handling these ’Single’ elements — especially when they are unproductive.

The science of Management has laid down researches and theories that help us in making them productive. However, many times these theories remain theories in business. The practical dynamics raise a lot of challenges in actually implementing them in the business. It is difficult to channelise people with diversities towards collective business goals.

Now the question is, How can we deal with these challenges? How can we channelise people with diversity towards uniform business goals?

Our Product Line at Milastic Education works on such corporate challenges. We will also explore simple ways of handling these challenges on coming Wednesday through our next Article of this series.

Till then, “Keep Smiling and Enjoy Learning”

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