Saraswati: Helping hand to Careers and Education

Saraswati is a helping hand to Careers and Education. It is an Edu Social initiative of Milastic Education. In this unique campaign, “Education facilitates Education”.

Saraswati will be offering a package of Intelligence & Aptitude Test, Personal Career Counselling and a Full Day Career Workshop for 10th, 11th, 12th and under-graduate students at discounted prices. The […]

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How to channelise Children towards Successful Careers

We experience that our children are the most precious elements of Care in our lives. The ‘my’ factor contributes greatly for developing such care and attachment. For instance; if many children are playing on the ground, we care for our own child much more than any other child playing around us.

However; as the child starts […]

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Saraswati Terms and Conditions

Helping Hand to Careers & Education

The Offers or Schemes or Packages offered under this campaign are valid only under Saraswati Edu Social Campaign. Milastic Education Pvt Ltd will not be liable to offer the same package once the Saraswati campaign is over.
Milastic Education Private Limited reserves the rights to make changes in the Saraswati […]

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Does Psychology define Success?

“Emotion is the consciousness of the resulting conditions – of success, failure, adjustment, compromise and balance.”

If we ask people to define success in their lives, everyone will have different answers. Actually, our own definitions of success are also never constant. For example, if we ask a child what is success, he might say “being a […]

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How do Hobbies make great Careers?

In our previous Article, we understood the real meaning of Hobbies and how we shall explore them. In today’s Article, we will focus on ‘How’ Hobbies contribute in building Great Careers..!
The Oxford dictionary defines a ‘Hobby’ as “an activity done regularly in one’s leisure time for pleasure”. Hence, considering the basic meaning of the word […]

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Role of Psychology in our Lives

“Our bodies can develop through leaps, but the transformation of our mind demands a consistent and structured process”

Mind is the manufacturer of emotions in our lives. Whereas our emotions play a big role in shaping our perspectives. When it comes to handling our perspectives and emotions, we start speaking about the patterns of ‘Psychology’ amongst […]

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Do Hobbies make Great Careers?

In our school days there used to be a great excitement for vacations. Cricket, Football, Family Trips, Treks and Night-outs used to be our true attractions in these holidays. As children, we truly enjoyed these times. But what if these vacations lasted the entire year? Would we still enjoy these games, trips, and night-outs everyday? […]

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