Emotions are very important and sacred element of our mind. Emotions shape our life and quality of our life. We always have questions about importance of thoughts and emotions. Emotions and thoughts are two sides of a same coin. If we have sweet emotions for someone then we always have all good thoughts about him or her. On the other side when we have some negative or bad thoughts about someone, we have nasty emotions about him or her. It’s a mind game, we are always playing within us.

When we are pitching our product or a concept to any new client. We do study them personally and even we study about their company or products. In the process of our research, we collect many things and our thoughts start processing the negative and positive sides about the client. Considering few bad experiences in our business deals, we start focusing about negative elements more. As a result, the story of our thoughts starts imagining all possible negative elements in our known world. Obviously, by the rule of nature, thoughts and emotions follow each other. So, we create negative emotions in our mind. These negative emotions stay longer. Ultimately, these negative emotions  create negativity in our minds, leading to loosing the deal with the client. Loosing the deal or a client is a stressful situation in any business.

Our thoughts have great speed and pace. For example, if we close our eyes and start thinking about Himalaya, we reach Himalaya within a blink. Actually, it is faster than speed of light. But our emotions are way slower than thoughts. When we have negative emotions, we linger in those negative emotions for a longer time. On the other hand, our thoughts have gone far ahead with negative impact. When we approach any professional or personal tasks, our long carried negative emotions create negative thoughts again and  lead to failure in most of the cases. Consistent failures in fulfilling expectations leads to undesirable stress.

We govern our successes and failures. If we try to keep our emotions happy and positive on a regular basis, we can create positive and rational thoughts. Rational thought process teaches us to see the situations neutrally. As we have discussed in our last article, rational thought process helps us to take the right decisions on personal and professional grounds. The game of our emotions and thoughts is easily discussed but always difficult to process. We need consistency and persistence to work on our emotions and thought process.

At Milastic, we help youngsters and corporates to keep the emotional balance and enhance peaceful productivity in their lives.

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Till then, “Keep Walking… Keep Breathing…”

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