This question starts eating our mind when we read stories of people like Henry Ford, Walt Disney, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Michael Dell and Richard Branson. As we get involved in these stories, our Belief System starts nurturing a thought that Education does not really matter. In this article, we will introspect this thought and explore the answers to this question.

Few days ago there was a ‘huge’ advertisement of a famous ‘MBA Entrance Coaching Institute’ in the newspaper. Instead of talking about their style of teaching, faculties, infrastructure, and associations; they had just highlighted 20 ex-students in the Ad. These students had got ‘Calls’ from the ‘IIMs‘ after attending their coaching sessions. Their names and photos were highlighted in the Ad with a brief of the respective IIM. Within a very less time all their Batches were full.

There are many things to learn from this story and the pattern of human perception. This institute takes only 30 students in a Batch. Runs 5 Batches in a Day. Each Batch lasts for 3 months. If we consider these numbers, they coach 30 students x 5 Batches x 3 Quarters = 450 students in a year from one location. They have a setup in two cities. Hence this number goes up to 450 students x 2 locations = 900 students. Now, if we say that 20 students got a call from the IIMs, it is just 2.22% of their total students who could make it. This also means that 97.78% of their students could not get admissions in the IIMs. But very conveniently, we will not think that way as the ‘huge’ element of the advertisement has trained our mind to respect their wisdom.

Similarly, if we talk about the ‘dropout’ success stories, we shall ask many questions staying aloof from the glamour that has been created around them. A few of them could be;

1) Why did they leave Education? Did it have anything to do with the Business?

2) How many people Dropout each year in this world? How many of them become successful Entrepreneurs?

3) What is the total number of Successful Entrepreneurs in this world? How many of them are Dropouts?

Unfortunately, the glamour around Dropouts offers a sense of convenience to our perception of ‘Education’. We stop thinking. Business has nothing to do with being a dropout. There are many other elements that influence it’s success. What are these elements?

We will explore the answers to this question on coming Wednesday through our next Article of this series.

Till then, “Keep Smiling & Enjoy Learning”

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