Saraswati is a helping hand to Careers and Education. It is an Edu Social initiative of Milastic Education. In this unique campaign, “Education facilitates Education“.

Saraswati will be offering a package of Intelligence & Aptitude Test, Personal Career Counselling and a Full Day Career Workshop for 10th, 11th, 12th and under-graduate students at discounted prices. The Aptitude Tests and Career Counselling sessions will be conducted at 20 Associated Centre Locations in Pune in a total span of 70 Days. Career guidance sessions in Pune start from 8th April 2016.

The accumulated funds after conducting the Career Aptitude Tests, Career Counselling Sessions and Career Workshops will be utilised to sponsor annual education of 21 children aspiring for education. Such children will be selected from economically, physically and mentally challenged criterias.

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1) Can “Saraswati” Help my Child?

Yes..! Saraswati can definitely Help Your Child. It is a helping hand to Careers and Education.

As a Helping Hand for Careers, the Saraswati Package will be offered at a FLAT 50% DISCOUNT to 10th, 11th, 12th and Under Graduate Students. The Saraswati Package includes

“Aptitude & Intelligence Test + Personal Career Counselling + Full Day Career Workshop”

This package will be offered within a schedule of 70 Days at 20 Centres in Pune. The campaign WILL NOT work simultaneously at these Associated Centres. The Saraswati Team will visit these locations on different dates as per the schedule. Check the Saraswati Schedule here.

2) What are the details of Aptitude and Intelligence Tests?

Aptitude & Intelligence Tests help us in taking perfect Career Decisions. The Tests conducted under Saraswati are based on Guilford’s SOI model and are powered by Jnana Prabodhini Sanshodhan Sanstha (ज्ञान प्रबोधिनी संशोधन संस्था, पुणे). This Test maps 17 Intelligences of the student. It determines the mind’s inclination towards the following Abilities and Orientations. It needs an approximate duration of 2.5 Hours to complete this test.

List of Abilities:

  • Cognitive Ability
  • Reasoning Ability
  • Figural Memory
  • Spatial Ability
  • Verbal Ability
  • Social Ability
  • Numerical Ability
  • Numerical Memory

List of Orientations:

  • Knowledge Orientation
  • Practical Orientation
  • Artistic Orientation
  • Social Orientation 
  • Power Orientation

This helps the student in understanding the self potentials and making a successful choice for further Education.

3) Who will counsel my Child?

Team Saraswati has a Panel of experienced and professional Career Counsellors. They have been carefully selected after assessing their experience in Youth Psychology, Psycho-Metric understanding and knowledge of Career Opportunities.

Once the Aptitude Test is done and the Report is generated, our volunteers will register your comfortable time slot for personal career counselling.  They will inform you the details of our Panel of Career Counsellors at the Saraswati counter.

4) What will be conducted in the Full Day Workshop?

The Full Day Workshop will be conducted on “Personality Development & Career Planning”. Our Trainers will share Tips, Tricks and Secrets to build an inspiring Personality by focussing on Communication Skills, Presentation Skills and Confidence. The Workshop will also help the students in understanding simple techniques to plan Education and Careers. This Workshop will be conducted by our team of Professional Trainers.

This Workshop is FREE with the Saraswati Package for every student. We will be offering complimentary Breakfast and Snacks to the students. Students will have to get their own TIFFINS for Lunch at the Workshop Location.

5) When can I avail the Saraswati Package?

Team Saraswati will be visiting 20 Associated Centre Locations (3 Days each) starting from 8th April 2016. The Aptitude Tests will be conducted in 2 Time Slots at the Test Centres: 9 a.m. slot and 12:30 p.m. slot.  You can check the Schedule of the Saraswati Campaign here, and avail the package at your preferred Location OR Date.

6) How can I register for the Saraswati Package?

That is simple. You can click on the Book Now Button on Enter your Details and make the Online Payment to complete Registration.

You can also register directly at the Associated Centre Location. Payment at the Associated Centre will strictly be received through CASH ONLY. Cheques and Card Payments will not be considered. You will get an Official Invoice Copy for the Registration and Payment from the location of the Test.


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