Our Philosophy

We believe every human being has a tremendous potential to build contagious excellence. Some are consciously aware of it, while others are in different phases of their own evolution. People and organisations can become more vibrant and responsive to their overall potential if they are equipped with the right toolkits in the right context at the right time.

With this philosophy, we help people achieve excellence in their personal, professional and academic journeys. We offer services that make people action driven, accountable and responsible towards their overall development in different phases of life. Hence, across our stakeholders, we are identified as ‘Milastic Centre of Excellence’.

With a team of 20+ experienced and qualified professionals we cater Corporates, IT-ITES, Manufacturing Services, Educational and Social Organisations.. We assist them in making their people ready and equipped for the next level of their achievements.

Our Style Of Work

As a centre of excellence, we follow some protocols in our working style. The principles and methodologies that we adopt for designing the flow, content and process of our training programmes is dynamic and it changes depending upon the nature of challenges that each project brings to the table.
However while designing, we believe in the principles of Invitational Education, Challenge by Choice, APPLE Model, ADDIE Model, GRABBS Modality, The Hero’s Journey and the approaches of Dewey, Kurt Hann, Simon Priest, Colin Beard, True Colours and Adventure Wave.

The process of our work is

  • Step 1 - Intent-Needs-Impact Understanding
  • Step 2 - Module Engineering
  • Step 3 - Content Validation
  • Step 4 - Promo Teasers
  • Step 5 - Training Programme
  • Step 6 - Observations Report
  • Step 7 - Follow-up Session

Through the above mentioned process we ensure:

  • In-depth training need analysis
  • Target group analysis
  • Learning style and Listening quotient mapping
  • Tailor-made training design
  • Experiential learning methodology
  • Action driven trainings
  • Post programme follow-ups
  • Post programme training reports
  • Employee engagement
  • Talent development consulting

Our Values


"Creativity is seeing what everyone else has seen, but thinking what no one else has thought. An essential aspect of creativity is not being afraid to fail and constantly innovate."


"Integrity is taking actions based on values rather than personal interest. Integrity is doing the right thing, even when no one is watching! It defines us! "


"We get deeper in understanding our customers. So deep that we tell you what you need well before you realise it yourself!"


"As professionals, we own our actions and are bound towards results. Ownership is the glue that ties our commitment to results"


"Learning enhances the perspectives and builds a deeper understanding of life. Learning is not just knowing what to do, but doing what we already know!"


"Discipline is doing something that needs to be done, even if you don’t want to do it. If excellence is a journey then discipline is a vehicle"

Our Team


Pushkar Aurangabadkar

BCom, DBF, MBA (Fin), MA (Soc), DEEP, EPAF (IIM C)
Entrepreneur | Author | Educator | Mentor | Kirtankar

Pushkar Aurangabadkar is an Entrepreneur, Author, Faculty, Trainer, Mentor & Artist. Pushkar is an IIM Calcutta alumnus and is the Founder Director of MilasticEducation Private Limited. He started his career with a US-based company in the Oil and Gas field and later established his entrepreneurial venture in the Education Segment.
Over this period Pushkar has developed his expertise as an ‘Educator’ in the Science of Management, Leadership and Life Skills.
He has authored 11 books on management and entrepreneurship that are published for studies across 3 Universities in India. He is associated as a Corporate Trainer with globally reputed MNCs, government agencies, educational institutions, MSMEs and start-ups and is the Founder Director of Milastic Education Pvt Ltd.
He has innovated an insightful training methodology named “Corporate Kirtan”, and conducts it across educational and corporate platforms.

Corporate Kirtan

What is Kirtan?

Kirtan is a traditional folk art form of India that has evolved for over thousands of years. The Kirtankar (performer) identifies the challenges of the audience and addresses them through a carefully designed enriching and entertaining art form. It includes stories, music, dance, interactive activities, and entertainment. Kirtan is completely based on Spiritual References.

What is Corporate Kirtan?

Corporate Kirtan is an innovative training methodology that addresses corporate challenges through this traditional art form. The topics for Corporate Kirtan are defined after the training need analysis. Currently, Corporate Kirtan modules have been designed and delivered on Leadership Skills, Team Management, Proactive Work Culture, Career Development, Personality Development & Communication Skills. We also address specific challenges such as mid-life crisis, stress management and work-life balance through this creative art form. This is an Intellectual Property of Mr. Pushkar Aurangabadkar.

Our Clients

We take pride in our clients who speak for us. We love them a lot. We are Awesome at what we do.

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